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FlexNgrip Golf glove

FlexNgrip Golf glove

495.00 SEK
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With Flex’n Grip's patented - Non Slip Grip technology
- you always get a perfect grip in any weather.


·         When you grip the golf stick, it fixes itself in your palm,
and will stay in the right position.

·         The risk of slipping or lose your stick is minimized.
·         It works even in unfavorable weather conditions
(rain, heat creates moisture / sweat).


·         It keeps the stick in position throughout the stroke.
·         It reduces the "hook" and "slice".
·         It can be used in all weather conditions.

The gloves have a specific kind of material on the inside of the
 glove with corresponding material on the grip on the sticks,
which provide an really good and stable grip.
The glove is sold in a package which also contains 14 units with
stick-on tape which you should attach on your golf sticks.
The package also contains a cleaning kit.  

FlexNgrip won Sportfack’s annual sports fair award “Gear of the Year”
for innovations, in competition with among Helly Hansen and
Galvin Green new products.
The jury’s motivation; "Some innovations are more than just inventions.
They are revolutions. Golf is the first revolution, but far from the last
revolution from FlexNgrip”.